has included an easy search feature located to the top left of every page. The keyword can be anything you are looking for (vendor, manufacturer, sport, garment type, equipment, etc.). You can type as many or as few words as you like. The search tool is set to default as a Keyword search, but you may also search by the item number if you have a printed catalog. Simply type a keyword(s) in the space provided or enter an item number and hit the go button. The search tool will bring back results based on the keyword(s) you have entered. I.E. Typing the word(s) "Willie Mays", will locate any items that include both the words “Willie” and “Mays” in their title or description. Typing the words "Giants" will locate any items with that word in their title or description. Make sure your spelling is accurate because incorrect spelling will lead to incorrect search results. After entering your keyword(s), simply hit the “GO” button and start shopping!

Search Tips

Basic Search - The most basic search you can perform is by entering a word and only that word will be searched. For example, if you enter "workout", only documents with the term "workout" in them will be retrieved. If you enter more than a single word, but don't use quotation marks, the search engine will automatically search for documents with all of the words entered. This is the same as using the Boolean operator AND. Please note that the search engine is not case sensitive.

Multiple Words (separated by space)-You can search for any number of words all separated by a space. For example, you can search for “Soccer Ball” Results will contain matches for words "Soccer,” and "Ball" but not necessarily in the same order

Phrase - To search two or more words in a row, you need to put quotation marks in front of and at the end of the phrase. If you wish to search for a “Baseball Jersey" for your team, then your search phrase would be "Baseball Jersey."

Boolean (AND, OR, NOT)- You can use Boolean operators to modify the relationships between words in the search criteria. For example, to find items related to Hockey, but not the Street Hockey, type "hockey NOT street" in the search box. Another example is to enter “Hockey OR Street” and the results will contain matches for the words “Hockey” or “Street,” but not necessary in that order.

Single-character Wildcard - If you don't know the exact spelling of a word or name (i.e., "Does Hank Aaron spell his name Aaron or Aron?”), you would place a question mark ("?") in the place where the unknown letter would appear. For example, the query "A?ronf" will retrieve all documents with the word "Aron" or "Aaron" in them.

Multiple-character Wildcard - You can use the multiple-character wildcard (the asterisk, *), to find similar words. For example, typing "Gian*" results in a search for all words beginning with Giant, but having different endings (Giants, Giant).

CAUTION: Using wildcard prefix and suffix, in the same keyword, may cause a large delay in getting a search result.

NOTE: Keyword search is not case sensitive.