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Price Guarantee Program Guidelines

Our goal at SportsKids.com is to be the premier sports destination for kids and their families! To that end, we want to always offer the most competitive pricing on the products we offer so we have created the SportsKids.com Price Guarantee Program. Through this program, you are guaranteed to get the best deal through us on any product that we sell.

If within 30 days of your order you find a competitor offering the same product for less, we will match and beat the final price (ie: price of the product plus any sales tax or shipping charges) of another website by 50% of the difference to create a 150% price guarantee!

To qualify for the Price Guarantee, an order must first be placed on SportsKids.com, and the Price Guarantee Form completed. We can offer this guarantee because we constantly shop our competitors sites so that we can offer our customers the best prices. However, we do miss occasionally, which is why we have the Price Guarantee. We want you to feel confident that, after you have placed an order with us, you will not find a better price for what you purchased anywhere on the web. Nearly every order that files a claim will be honored. However, there are a few ground rules:

  1. Claims and inquiries MUST use the claim form. Any phone inquiries will be immediately directed back to the web site.

  2. Qualifying orders MUST be placed on-line. Phone orders (pay by check or otherwise) are ineligible for our Low Price Guarantee.

  3. The website we are matching must be a site located within the United States and must be an established site as determined by SportsKids.com (typically this means the website needs to have at least a working phone number). Furthermore, the website we are matching must not require a login in order to make a purchase. The site must be a retail website selling to the public at retail prices. SportsKids will match major brick and mortar retailers who also have an on-line presence, such as Wal-Mart, but we will place the order on their web site for delivery to your shipping address and any cost associated with the shipping will be factored into the comparison. SportsKids cannot match in-store prices that do not include the service of home delivery. SportsKids provides this service, and so any retailer we are to price-match must provide it as well.

  4. The address we are shipping to must be located within the US contiguous 48 states. We cannot offer this guarantee on orders shipping to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii, sorry.

  5. The price must not be below our actual cost. If it is, we will refund the difference between the original charge and our cost. We do not match out discontinued, out of stock or close out merchandise.

  6. The item that we are price matching must be the same item with no modification of any sort. Different styles in the same series are not considered same models.

  7. The dealer that we are matching the price must have the item in question in stock at the time of purchase.

  8. What we are matching is not from any auctions including eBay, Yahoo Auction, etc. Sellers on auction sites are often gray market vendors who cannot disclose their supply sources and have no way of guaranteeing the authenticity or quality of the merchandise they’re selling. Recourse is very limited and generally only involves leaving a negative feedback if you receive an item that is not as advertised. Many sellers have a very strict return policy and give you very little time to return an item. We offer you 30 day return - as far as we know, this is the longest time offered by any sports dealer on the Internet.

  9. Video games and movies are exempted from the Price Guarantee Program.

  10. Where applicable, the prices cannot be lower than the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policies of the manufacturer.

If any of the above criteria is not met, we reserve that right to refuse to offer our 150% Price Guarantee, but may, solely at our discretion, still provide price matching.

Exceptions: From time to time, certain sites (including their affiliates) may price certain products below dealer costs. When that happens, we apologize that we cannot price match. We will let you know if that is the case and give you our best offer. We also reserve the right to not match non-authorized dealers. In these very rare cases, we ’ll offer you our best price and give you the option to cancel your order.

To have us beat the price on an item, please complete the SportsKids.com Price Guarantee Form. This should take less than a minute to complete. All that's required is your order number, the item number of the product you want us to match, and the URL of specific page on the site where you found the same item for less (including shipping). You can just copy and paste the URL from your browser into the form and submit it to us. When we get the form, we will visit that site and make sure that all the criteria are met.

Once we have visited the site, if we determine that all the criteria are met, we will beat their prices by crediting you 150% of the price difference. If you purchased several items, the shipping cost charged by SportsKids.com, if any, will be applied equally across all items in your order. Please note that the SportsKids.com Best Price Guarantee voids all offers including free gifts, coupons and any other promotion offers we may have. If any special offer we ’ve provided for you already makes our price lower than the other site that invalidates the guarantee. It also voids any other offer unless the competitor that we are matching offers that service as well.

How we calculate the 150%:
Say there was an item on SportsKids.com for $100 that can be found on site "X" for $90. Both SportsKids.com and site "X" offer free shipping on the item. The amount SportsKids will credit on this order is SportsKids' Price ($100) minus Site "X"'s price ($90) times 1.5. So for this example $10 x 1.5 = $15. SportsKids will credit back $15 to the card used during checkout for this order so the total amount paid to SportsKids.com becomes $85. If Site "X" charged $5 for shipping, then the credit amount would be ($100 - $95) x 1.5 or $7.50. If Site "X" charged $5 for shipping and also collected a 5% sales tax, then the credit amount would be ($100 - $99.50) x 1.5 or $0.75.

If you have any questions about our lowest price guarantee guidelines, please email us at price.guarantee@sportskids.com.