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Introduction Skills Competitions are meant to be both fun and challenging. The purpose is to have a great time while engaging in a lively competition for kids of all ages. Testing provides all young athletes with valuable information about performance. While these drills place a great emphasis on an athlete's testing statistics, it's also meant to be fun. Fair or not, at some point in a player's career, he or she will be asked how fast they run, how high they jump, and how they perform under pressure. These drills will try to measure a contestant's speed, strength, and skills specific to each sport. The Skills Competitions will familiarize young athletes with these testing procedures and will show them how to score their very best. wants every child to be given an equal opportunity to compete. Therefore, there is no registration fee or purchase required for any participant to enter. So, you should do these skills more than once and try to keep improving your scores. Use these competitions to track your progress as you work to improve your game. See how you do after working on some of the Drills. Do the competitions at least once a year and try to improve every time!

Competition Rules

The competitions are open to boys and girls of any age. Each participant will be ranked for each drill and sport by their age, gender, and overall. Your age should be how old you are when you do the competition. There is no charge to participate in the Skills Challenge. When you do the skills competitions, you are completely on your own. Try to follow the instructions and format listed so that you have real numbers to compare to others and to your other tries. You'll usually need a friend or family member to help you do the drills. You will generally need some equipment. This may include a ball, a timer, or a few cones or markers. If you don't have cones, you can lay out some shoes (be creative if you need too). When you enter your scores, of course you'll be able to cheat. PLEASE DON'T. It doesn't do you or anybody else any good if you don't put in your real scores. So, since there aren't any prizes, you should use this as a way to try to always improve your scores compared to others your age. reserves the right to make any rules changes its feels are beneficial to the continuance of the program. All decisions are final. These skills competitions are completely voluntary. assumes no liability whatever if you choose to participate. Ask your parent's permission before doing any of these drills. Also, take time to stretch to help prevent injury. Have fun and do your best.

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