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It’s All About the Kids

People who run youth leagues and other organizations live by the motto that “it’s all about the kids” Yet, how many of the decisions that are made are really about the kids in the league and not about the board of directors’ personal interests, friends or their own families?

Is it really all about the kids?

There are so many problems with the way that youth leagues are run. Nearly every board has some guy who could be a public relations maven good enough to convince the world that a ranting movie star isn’t anti-Semitic or that some other star is a great guy. These clever people are fabulous at the politics involved in manipulating everybody around to convince them that what they’re doing is “all about the kids”, but in the end the kids are always the ones who suffer. Not until it’s too late do most people have a chance to see what’s really going on and, even then, many still are believers. It’s imperative that board members and the community begin to see through what’s said and stopping bad things from happening because it does need to be all about the kids.



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Trivia Test 

We’ve got great Trivia games for beginning to master SportsKids – try our “Pro” Football Game and find the answers to these questions at the bottom.


1) Which innovative coach, to improve his team, is credited with pioneering film sessions and play books?

A)      Vince Lombardi

B)      Don Shula

C)      Paul Brown

D)      George Halas


2) After the merger with the AFL in 1970, how many team were there in the NFL?

A)     18

B)     21

C)     24

D)     25


3) Whose career .881 winning percentage is the all-time best for college and pro coaches?

A)     Knute Rockne

B)     Vince Lombardi

C)     Eddie Robinson

D)     Bear Bryant


4) Who was the first offensive lineman, who didn`t play defense too, elected to the football Hall of Fame?

A)      John Hanna

B)      Roosevelt Brown

C)      Lou Creekmur

D)      Jim Parker


5) Which of these players is known as one of the first pro athletes to use a finger to signal #1 after winning a super bowl?

A)      Bart Starr

B)      Johnny Unitas

C)      Len Dawson

D)      Joe Namath


There are trivia games in general sports, baseball, football, hockey, basketball and “Sports Math” in three different skill levels. Test your sports skills against kids around the world in the SportsKids Game Section.


 Answers: (1) C  (2) B  (3) A  (4) D  (5) D

Sports Poll 

1)  Why do you feel most board members participate in youth sports?

-  Community Service

-  Benefit their families

- Personal Gain

- Help their friends

- Other

2)  Have you ever been disappointed in a decision made by the board of your local league?



3)  Do you feel it would be beneficial for your local league to hire somebody as a professional to administer the program(s)?




Last month’s Poll results: 

1)  Has your kid ever said they wanted to be a professional athlete?

-  Yes (71.07%)

-  No (28.93%)

2)  Which do you feel is the most important aspect of youth sports?

Developing Social Skills (4.57%)

Developing Athletic Skills (11.17%)

Developing Self-Confidence (8.12%)

Developing a Work Ethic (2.03%)

None of the Above (15.23%)

All of the Above (58.88%)

3)  Which of the following is the key aspect of to being a great athlete?

Natural Ability (19.80%)

Hard Work (58.88%)

Proper Fundamental Skills (20.30%)





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