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SportsKids on Television

I know that everybody is excited about the new television season and all of the new series that are premiering, but I hope you didn’t miss some of the most compelling moments of the year; August marked the 60th annual Little League World Series. Not only do the kids who play exemplify the best levels of sportsmanship, hard work, competitiveness and fundamental skill that we always emphasize, but the games make for some great TV. This year, in an incredibly well played game, the US team, from Columbus Georgia, edged out the World Champions from Japan, 2-1, to capture the title.

The Little League World Series may be the ultimate reality show displaying the full range of human emotions in a couple of hours. If you watch any game, you’ll notice all the things we talk about each month: pressure, fundamentals, teamwork, community building, cooperation, coaching, and every positive aspect of youth sports displayed continually throughout the tournament; it really makes for great television.

While the Little League World Series was terrific, great television is certainly an oxymoron in our society. While many of us can’t wait each week to see the new

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Coach’s Corner, Continued

House, Nip/Tuck, Survivor, American Idol or any of the other popular shows that are on today, it’s certainly a long way from the TV that most of us watched as kids.

One of the biggest issues that many parents, including parents of SportsKids, deal with is how much and what to watch on television. While we all love our television, what should we be watching? How about the kids? According to a study done by RealVision, an initiative to raise awareness about television’s impact on us, TV is turned on for 7 hours and 40 minutes in the average US home. The TV-Turnoff Network, which sponsored the study, finds several negative ramifications due to the impact of television include: 1) TV harms children by hampering education; 2) promotes obesity; 3) promotes violence; 4) promotes over consumption by each person viewing over 40,000 commercials annually; and 5) squelches political awareness.

While we can all agree that it would be good to watch less television, it is also the choices of what we watch that cause significant concern. Before the advent of cable television, Saturday morning was the only day when the great cartoons were available. Sure, the family would look forward to cartoons because they were special and only on a limited amount of time. Now, there is Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and a myriad of other stations showing cartoons 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

While that’s a major problem, the flip side offers some positive news. There are now also education programs on every minute of the day as well. The History Channel, Discovery Channel or even Animal Planet offer unique and entertaining programming for kids. In addition, for all of our SportsKids, we have sports on all the time as well. In addition to the games and sports news, there are fantastic programs about the history of

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Coach’s Corner, Continued

the sports we love including amazing biographies on tons of sports stars. Few stories are more inspirational than the Sports Century series found on ESPN Classic. For any young athlete, the fact that every profiled legend, regardless of their sport or upbringing, has some things in common: love of the game, desire to be the best and an unending willingness to work hard. Being a great athlete requires dedication in addition to talent.

Many of these conclusions seem self evident as we compare the kids of today to our own childhood. When we were kids we spent most of our time outside playing. After school, and certainly on the weekends, we ran out to play ball and had to come home “when the street lights came on”. Cars were the end-zones and we spent the day playing. In this generation, many kids don’t get a chance to play out side. They’re stuck inside because there are too many stories of child abduction. Children now have organized one-on-one “play dates” with adult supervision. Neighborhood kids often don’t get to just go next door to play.

Our changing culture has created a situation where organized leagues and classes become all important. With physical education budgets diminishing and the inability to just play, scheduling activities is an important part of child development especially if we want to reduce the time spent sitting in front of the television. Because these recreational leagues are so important to the development of our youth, it makes the volunteer coaches paramount in the equation. We need to make every effort not only to teach proper fundamentals but, even more importantly, to insure that every kid has fun. It is all of our responsibility to help fight the draw of 24 hour a day cartoons to make sports and other recreational activities a better alternative. That is the only way we can all work together get our kids off the couch.

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Trivia Test 

We’ve got great Trivia games for beginning to master SportsKids  – try our “Pro Level” Football Game and find the answers to these questions at the bottom.


1) Which quarterback has the most fumbles in Super Bowl Games?

A)      Steve Young

B)      Jim Kelly

C)      John Elway

D)      Roger Staubach


2) Who had the most rushing yards during the decade of the 1980’s?

A)     Eric Dickerson

B)     Walter Payton

C)     Marcus Allen

D)     Curt Warner


3) Which innovative coach, to improve his team, is credited with pioneering film sessions and play books?

A)     Vince Lombardi

B)     Don Shula

C)     Paul Brown

D)     George Halas


4) Which Hall of Fame running back was known as “The Diesel”?

A)      Jim Brown

B)      Billy Sims

C)      Herschel Walker

D)      John Riggins


5) Now 300 pounders in the NFL are common, but not when William “Refrigerator” Perry played for the Bears. What was Perry’s listed playing weight when the Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985?

A)      320

B)      330

C)      340

D)      350 


There are trivia games in general sports, baseball, football, hockey, basketball and “Sports Math” in three different skill levels. Test your sports skills against kids around the world in the SportsKids Game Section.


Answers: (1) D  (2) A  (3) C   (4) D   (5) C  

Sports Poll 


1)  Which rookie QB should be starting now?

-     Vince Young

-     Matt Leinart

-     Jay Cutler


2)  Which rookie QB will be the first one to start?

-     Vince Young

-     Matt Leinart

-     Jay Cutler


3)  Which rookie QB will have the best NFL career?

-     Vince Young

-     Matt Leinart

-     Jay Cutler


Last month’s Poll results: 


1)    Who was the best trade deadline acquisition?

-     Bobby Abreu (36.94%)

-     Greg Maddux (12.61%)

-     Sean Casey (27.03%)

-     Craig Wilson (0.90%)

-     Corey Lidle (0.00%)

-     Carlos Lee (5.41%)

-     Wilson Betemit (1.80%)

-     Lulio Lugo (5.41%)

-     Willy Aybar (0.90%)

-     Fransico Cordero (7.21%)


2)   Are you surprised that Alfonso Soriano was not traded by the Nationals?

-     Yes (51.35%)

-     No (48.63%)


3)  After the trade deadline, who is not the favorite to go to the World Series from the AL?

-     Tigers (28.83%)

-     White Sox (5.41%)

-     Twins (3.60%)

-     Yankees (44.14%)

-     Red Sox (9.91%)

-     Angeles (2.70%)

-     A’s (4.50%)


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