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SportsKids Beauty Queen

Skylene Montgomery has won the title of “Ms. West Virginia” and she will be competing in the Ms. United States Pageant beginning on July 26th in Las Vegas. What makes Skylene so unique is not just that she is immensely talented, beautiful, poised and intelligent; it is how her participation in sports as a young girl and through high school prepared her for her role as a SportsKids Beauty Queen.

Sports have played a crucial developmental role for Skylene. As an only child, she was the neighborhood “tomboy” playing sports with (

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Coach’s Corner, Continued


the boys. Her babysitter had two boys about her age and there was no way they would get to play sports without her. So, she started out by playing catcher on the boy’s baseball team. Because she wore a mask and had short hair, without her earrings, only her teammates knew she was a girl.

From her introduction into sports as a baseball player, she evolved into playing softball, basketball and volleyball and excelled at all three sports. She was a pitcher on traveling softball teams and an all-state performer in high school. She began playing basketball in third grade when she was the only one in her class to make the upper division (4th to 6th grade) team and became the high school starting forward. While Skylene didn’t start playing volleyball until junior high it became her best sport; as a setter she was named All-State twice and played as a freshman in college before injuries took their toll. Her sports career was lots of fun, but it’s the lessons she learned that make her most proud of her athletics.

Skylene noted that “sports taught me the concept of friendly competition and goal setting.” Of course she made tons of new friends and had great experiences on travel teams to Florida, South Carolina and to the West Virginia state tournaments. More importantly, she learned how to create small stepping stone goals ( Archive 1-05) that are the key to success in both sports and life. She set goals for each game and season for strikeouts, sets, rebounds, shots or other small parts of the game so that she would always work to improve. Then she learned to apply these lessons to school and set goals for grades, tests, or writing applications. Finally, she learned to apply her sports lessons to beauty pageants.

Skylene began competing in pageants at the age of 16 and said that “Sports lessons were really helpful to my becoming Ms. West Virginia, especially volleyball, where I had to work very hard to be good”. Not blessed with great speed, Skylene developed quickness and anticipation to be in the right place at the right time. She applied this principal to pageants where she’s worked hard to learn about poise. She said that “after growing up as a tomboy, I had to work extra hard to be articulate, poised and graceful.” Competing in pageants is very much like playing sports including the friendly competition and having a great coach to listen to. Just like practicing and working out for sports, Skylene had to train to participate in the Ms. West Virginia Pageant, including interview skills, walking, posing and so much more. “Getting physically and mentally ready for a statewide or national pageant is just like preparing for a big game” she says.

Skylene’s love of sports has also impacted her education and her platform as Ms. West Virginia. She is going to be a senior at Marshall University studying exercise physiology with a minor in psychology.

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Coach’s Corner, Continued

As an athlete, she fractured her ankle and during the six months of rehab began to appreciate the work done in this area. Eventually she plans to attend physical therapy graduate school at the University of West Virginia and ultimately operate her own group of clinics.

Her goals as Ms. West Virginia are also rooted in sports. Skylene hopes to help curb the growing problem of child obesity. Skylene says that “West Virginia is #1 on the obesity scale in the country” and she intends to do something about it by using her bully pulpit to educate kids. She states that even small changes like “eating at home to cut out fast food and drinking water instead of soda can make a huge impact”. In addition to healthy eating, she wants to teach kids to stay fit. While she works out 1-2 hours, 5 days a week, Skylene just wants kids to “do something every day to elevate their heart rate. Kids can exercise in fun ways like playing sports, dancing, playing tag or just walking in the park”. She feels that the “kids should have fun but be active too”.


With her background in sports, Skylene is sure to accomplish the goals she’s set for herself and for teaching kids about exercise and nutrition. Based on the great friendships she’s made, the lessons she’s learned and the benefits she’s gained, she can’t fail. When she eventually has her own kids, she says there is “no doubt that I will get my kids involved in youth sports at an early age.” If her kids show some interest in entering pageants as they get older that’s fine too, but she’s going to make sure that they play sports. She’s learned some great things through sports and hopefully all the lessons and hard work will pay off for Skylene later this month when she may be crowned Ms. United States.

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Trivia Test 

We’ve got great Trivia games for beginning to master SportsKids  – try our “Title Fight” Sports Grab Bag and find the answers to these questions at the bottom.


1)  Who was known as the “Louisville Lip?”

A)      Jack Dempsey

B)      Gene Tunney

C)      Muhammed Ali

D)      Rocky Marciano


2)  If you weigh 159 pounds, what class do you box in?

A)     Heavyweight

B)     Welterweight

C)     Middleweight

D)     Lightweight


3)  Who won the first Boston Marathon?

A)     John McDermott

B)     Don Kaiserman

C)     Michael McPhearson

D)     Pat Riley


4)  Who was the first African-American to win the world heavyweight boxing title?

A)      Joe Louis

B)      Jack Johnson

C)      Sonny Liston

D)      Archie Moore


5)  What is Pele’s real name?

A)     Jose Martinez

B)      Philpe Sanchez

C)      Arantes Do Nascimento

D)      Miques Sindovaul


There are trivia games in general sports, baseball, football, hockey, basketball and “Sports Math” in three different skill levels. Test your sports skills against kids around the world in the SportsKids Game Section.


Answers: (1) C   (2) C   (3) A   (4) B   (5)  C


Sports Poll 


1)   Besides driving their parents and siblings crazy, what are the kids doing this summer? Are they going to camp?

-    Sports Camp

-    Religious Camp

-    No Camp


2)   Are you taking a family vacation?

-    Yes, one week

-    Yes, two or more weeks

-    No vacation this summer


3)   Playing organized sports?

-    Travel Teams

-    All-Star Activities

-    Summer Rec League


4)   General activities?

-    Summer School

-    Organized Play Dates

-    Kids are on their own


Last month’s Poll results: 

1)   With the Stanley Cup Finals coming around, did you watch more hockey than before the lockout?

-    Yes (30.95%)

-    No (42.86%)

-    Same (25..00%)


2)   Are you glad that the NHL is back on the ice?

-    For Sure (73.81%)

-    NHL? What’s that? (25.00%)


3)   Which team will win the Stanley Cup this year?

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-    Edmonton (20.24%)

-    Buffalo (22.62%)

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