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If you have found a lower price at a competing web site for a product purchased at, please provide the information requested below and click "Submit". If you have not done so already, please review our Low-Price Guarantee Guidelines thoroughly before submitting the form, as a number of ground rules and exclusions apply.

Your Order #: Part Number in Question:

URL to the competitor's site where you found the lower price:

Additional Information:


If you have not already placed an order on for an item you've found for a lower price (including shipping) elsewhere, we encourage you to do so. Nearly every claim will be honored. However, if you're uncomfortable with this, you may email for a review of your claim up-front. In the email, please provide the item number, the URL to the item on the site offering it for a lower price, and the full address to which you would be shipping this item. A shipping address is required for us to calculate shipping costs. Note that requesting a review up-front may significantly delay processing, and unless you feel your claim is in some kind of a "gray area" where it may or may not meet our guidelines, your best option is to simply place the order and fill out the form after receiving your receipt. We will credit your order promptly.