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Fieldtex Heat Stress Kit

Fieldtex Heat Stress Kit
Heat exhaustion is the result of excessive heat and dehydration.
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Heat exhaustion is the result of excessive heat and dehydration. The signs of heat exhaustion include paleness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fainting and a moderately increased temperature. Rest and water may help in mild heat exhaustion, the use of ice packs and other cooling products such as Ice Tape and rehydrating Medi-Lyte tablets can help to bring a persons body temperature down and provide quick relief in most cases.

Personal Heat Stress Kit (case w/supplies)
Kit Contains: 1 Cold Pack 4"x5", 1 Medi-lyte Tablets (2/pk), 1 Cold Pack 6"x9", 2 Water Pouches 4.225 oz. Kit Measures: 5"Hx8"Wx3"D.

Heat Stress Kit (case w/supplies)
24 Person Heat Stress Kit helps provide relief when the core body temperature rises to above-normal levels. Ice Tape can be used on forehead or neck and electrolyte tablets restore needed minerals. Kit contains: 2 Cold packs 4"x5", 2 Cold Packs 5"x9", 2 Ice Tape 2"x48", 3 Water Pouches and 5 Medi-lyte Packettes (2/pk). Measures: 9.25"Hx9.25"Wx3"D.

Large Heat Stress Kit (case w/supplies)
Strenuous physical activities in high air temperatures and humidity have a high potential for inducing heat stress. Be prepared with our heat stress kit. Contains: Water (18), Cold Packs (48), Electrolyte Tablets (500 - 2/pk) and 2"x48" Ice Tape (8 rolls) to help reduce body temperature and speed recovery. Kit also contains convenient folding cart and bungee cord.

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