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Dura-Tech #1 Standard Batting Cage Net

Dura-Tech #1 Standard Batting Cage Net
Cage #1 70' Long, 12' High, 14' Wide Jugs Batting Cage Net for baseball or fast pitch softball teams.
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Cage #1 70' Long, 12' High, 14' Wide Jugs Batting Cage Net Available in four different strengths of 119lb, 191lb, 381lb and 691lb.

119lb Breaking Strength Knotted Nylon Twine is generally used for Backyard (3-5 years expectancy), Youth Leagues (3-4 years expectancy), High Schools (2-3 years expectancy).

191lb Strenth is used for Backyard (4-6 years exp), Youth Leagues (4-6 years exp), High Schools (3-5 years), and Colleges (3-5 years exp).

381lb strength is used for Backyard (6-9 years exp), Youth Leagues (6-8 years exp), High Schools (5-8 years), and Colleges (5-8 years exp).

691lb strength is used for Colleges (6-10 years exp) and Professionals (5-8 years exp).

They all come with Two Year Warranty.

Make an educated choice when purchasing your batting cage net. Only JUGS Batting cage Nets have all these quality features:

  • DuPont Type 66-278 Knotted Nylon
  • Weather Treated
  • Sealed With Resin for Durability
  • 100% Preshrunk for proper hanging
  • UV Protected
  • Diamond Mesh Construction
  • Superior Fire Retardant

All Jugs Batting Cage Net have a diamond mesh construction for better resistance to constant use, even by college and professional ball players. Diamond Mesh flexibility allows netting to adjust to uneven surfaces. Diamond Mesh construction maximizes the strength of our netting. Over that time we've experimented with many different kinds of netting including polypropylene and polyethylene. None met the JUGS standards of longevity and durability except DuPont type 66-728 knotted nylon twine. In fact, we are the exclusive worldwide source for Jugs Batting Cage Netting made from DuPont type 66-728 nylon - the most durable nylon in the world against all forces of nature including but not limited to: rain, snow, and ultraviolet rays.

Available in Dark Green Only. Choose from four different breaking strength knotted nylon twine.

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