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JUGS Youth League Package Pitching Machine Set

JUGS Youth League Package Pitching Machine Set
Offers you a top quality JUGS Youth League Package Pitching Machine Set at an affordable price! Buy this Package and Save 10%
Our Price$2,875.99
Retail Price$4,168.10
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JUGS Youth League Package Includes:

  • Jr. Baseball and Softball Pitching Machine

  • Portable Free-Standing Sports Cage (11' x 11' x 50')

  • Free Backdrop & Pitcher's Trainer

  • 3 Dozen - Yellow Dimpled Sting-Free Baseballs

  • 3 Dozen - Yellow Dimpled Sting-Free Softballs

Jr. Baseball/Softball Pitching Machine: For baseball and softball, JUGS Jr. pitching machine throws consistent strikes so your players can confidently step into the batters' box and start swinging, since they know each and every pitch is going to be a strike. The Jugs Jr. pitching machine comes with 5 year guarantee. Recommended age: 6-15. Speed range: 15 - 60 mph. Pitch types: fastballs, slow pitch or fast pitch. Grounders & fly balls. Easy to use and lightweight. The Jr. Baseball/Softball pitching machine throws baseballs, tennis balls, Lite-Flite balls, Softie, Softie small balls, and softballs (11" and 12"), the New JUGS Pearl and the New JUGS BULLDOG. It uses non-marking pneumatic tire.

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