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SuperGlass Pro 48" x 72" Glass Backboard

SuperGlass Pro 48" x 72" Glass Backboard
The Guardian glass basketball backboard has reinforced 9in x 9in mounting channels which transfer stress from the rim to the frame.
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Spalding SuperGlass Pro Glass Basketball Backboards are regulation size unbreakable rectangular glass backboards designed for professional, collegiate and international play. The Spalding Pro glass basketball backboard is 1/2in tempered glass with a shooter's target and 2in border. The patented sub-frame mounting design prevents the rim and rim bolts from touching the glass (see inset). This basketball backboard measures 72in x 48in with mounting dimensions of 63in x 42.5in and has a pre-drilled frame for bolt-on backboard padding (not included) and a 5in x 5in goal mounting pattern.

BPI / AAI SuperGlass Pro Glass Basketball Backboard Features:

  • Unbreakable regulation glass backboard for professional, collegiate, and international competition

  • 1/2” tempered glass w/2” border and target

  • Reinforced 9” x 9” mounting channel transfers stress from rim to the Guardian frame

  • Patented sub-frame mounting design prevents the rim from touching the glass

  • Pre-drilled frame for bolt-on backboard padding

  • Backboard mounting pattern: GB1 - 63"x42 1/2"; GB1sb - 63"x36 1/2".

  • Goal mounting pattern: GB1 - 5"x5"; GB1sb - 5"x4"

Warranty: Unconditional lifetime. (Vandalism, acts of nature, & outdoor use are not covered.)
Available in different types. Choose your Backboard Type above.

Note: All Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

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