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How to Run a Championship Baseball Practice (DVD)

How to Run a Championship Baseball Practice (DVD)
with Jim Morris, University of Miami Head Coach.
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with Jim Morris, University of Miami Head Coach 1999 & 2001 NCAA Champions!

If you've ever wondered how a National Championship coach runs his baseball practices, here is the answer to your question! Jim Morris explains his weekly, daily, and game-day practice schedules. In his daily schedule, Coach Morris demonstrates how he breaks down each segment, his use of stations, and his concept of 3-team lineups during scrimmage situations, which allows his players to practice at more than one position. He shows how to maximize the efficiency of fielding drills and batting practice, and how to incorporate special game situations into your baseball practice. Morris' effective practice plan covers it all - fielding, batting practice, conditioning, and baserunning.

  • View how the University of Miami conducts their baseball practice

  • Incorporate effective drills to implement during batting practice

  • Learn how Coach Morris utilizes stations & scrimmages into daily practice

45 minutes. 2002.
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