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Attack 4-3 Defense (Basic Clinic) (DVD)

Attack 4-3 Defense (Basic Clinic) (DVD)
Presents a detailed overview of the fundamental alignments and assignments of the base 4-3 defense
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Attack 4-3 Defense (Base Clinic) presents a detailed overview of the fundamental alignments and assignments of the base 4-3 defense, including the defensive line fundamentals, linebacker techniques, and secondary reads and run fits. Initially, the DVD features a comprehensive review of the key factors involved in choosing the personnel for employing an attacking 4-3 defense, which then leads into a review of the nuts and bolts of the nine-man approach defensively.

Among the topics covered:

  • Flying to the ball

  • Personnel selection and migration

  • Keys and assignments

  • Blocking schemes

  • Alignment looks

  • Base run support cut-ups

  • Cover 4 vs. the pass

  • Secondary play in tight cover 4

  • Base pass cut-ups

Published: 2008
Format: DVD / 93 minutes
Author: Scott Shafer (University of Michigan)

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