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Controlled and Aggressive Forechecking Systems (DVD)

Controlled and Aggressive Forechecking Systems (DVD)
with Blaise MacDonald, UMASS-Lowell Head Coach!
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with Blaise MacDonald, UMASS-Lowell Head Coach!

Coach Blaise MacDonald shares two types of forechecks - a controlled high-pressure forecheck, which is used when the opponent has established control of the puck, and an aggressive forecheck where you hunt down the opponent and try and take away the puck. Starting with the "High" controlled forecheck, MacDonald demonstrates a 1-2-2 system that will give your team a strong defense in the middle of the ice and attacks the pass. The second system is a 5-Man High Pressure. This is based higher up in the neutral zone and tries to keep the puck in the offensive end. The 5-Man is ideal when you are protecting a lead or during a line change. MacDonald's aggressive forecheck systems are the Left Wing Lock and the Aggressive L Forecheck. The Left Wing Lock forces everything up the boards, which takes away the easy pass. The L Forecheck puts a lot of pressure on the defensemen, which forces them to make passes toward center ice allowing you a greater opportunity to steal the passes for easy scores. MacDonald details each system on the whiteboard and then demonstrates it on ice with members of his squad. MacDonald includes four drills that complement each system while working on the skills and tactical strategies needed to execute each system. Turn up the pressure on your opponents this season.

  • Limit your opponent's breakouts

  • Make the defensemen retrieve the puck under pressure

  • Force more bad passes to set up easy goals

    52 minutes. 2009.

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