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Creating Turnovers

Creating Turnovers
Explains and demonstrates how players should work on the “big 4” turnover-related techniques
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Turnovers offer substantial dividends. Not only do they provide the offensive team with an opportunity to score, they also enable the defense to get off the field. Creating Turnovers reviews how teams can develop a turnover mindset in all facets of the game. The DVD explains and demonstrates how players should work on the “big 4” turnover-related techniques—stripping the ball, punching the ball out, recovering the ball, and catching interceptions.

Among the topics covered:

  • Team-turnover concept

  • Working on the “big 4,” turnover techniques in action

  • Dividend payback time

  • Eight ways to cause turnovers.

Published: 2007
Format: DVD / 23 minutes
Author: Kenwick Thompson (UC Berkeley)

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