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Developing Linebackers

Developing Linebackers
Presents an in-depth analysis of how coaches can teach linebacker fundamentals and techniques.
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Developing Linebackers presents an in-depth analysis of how coaches can teach linebacker fundamentals and techniques, while installing an attitude of toughness and aggressiveness in their athletes. Using both on-the-board and on-the-field player demonstrations, the DVD covers the proper mental approach for sound linebacker play and provides a step-by-step teaching progression for developing the key skills utilized by linebackers.

Among the topics covered:

  • Linebackers as leaders

  • Player-coach relationship

  • Mental aspects of linebacker play

  • Skills teaching progression

  • Stance

  • Pre-reads

  • Underkeying the offensive line

  • Blocker control & escape

  • Pursuit

  • Tackling fundamentals.

Published: 2007
Format: DVD / 39 minutes
Author: Kenwick Thompson (The University of California-Berkeley)

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