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Patty Gasso: How to Coach the Female Athlete (DVD)

Patty Gasso: How to Coach the Female Athlete (DVD)
Uncover the keys to coaching women's sports.
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with Patty Gasso, University of Oklahoma Head Coach; 2000 National Champions, 3X Big 12 Coach of the Year.

Coaching the female athlete is a talent that Coach Gasso has perfected. An important start for any coach is to instill a work ethic within the team. In this excellent clinic-setting presentation, Coach Gasso discusses her keys to a winning program, which include no excuses, a leader (team captain), maturity, mental and physical health, team unity, proper discipline and open communication. She presents ideas on how to help you achieve these crucial links to coaching female athletes. Promoting your program is the job of a coach and adds to the image of the program. Other traits of a great coach that Gasso hits on include fairness, respect, variety, motivation, positive feedback, respecting players, be available, creative in practice, never give up, love your job and have fun, stay positive and be professional at all times. This information is applicable for coaches of any women's sport.

  • Uncover the keys to coaching women's sports.

  • Develop a winning mentality on your team.

  • Motivate and respect your players.

49 minutes. 2008.

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