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Coaching Tennis Successfully-2nd Edition

Coaching Tennis Successfully-2nd Edition
Developed by United States Tennis Association with 208 pages.
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As a coach, your success depends on the success of your players. In Coaching Tennis Successfully, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) combines the expertise of winning coaches with the experience of USTA players to serve up a comprehensive guide that ensures your success. They offer specific teaching tips and mentoring concepts for managing a winning tennis program. An organization known for its teaching prowess, the USTA explains how to instruct players in strokes, footwork, volleys, overheads, and serves. In addition to teaching the basics, this book will assist you in effectively integrating game strategies and tactical concepts into your lessons to facilitate the development of well-skilled, competitive players.

Reaching beyond strokes and strategies, this essential handbook covers both on-court and off-court management duties:

  • Demonstrating a sound approach to coaching and playing tennis

  • Maximizing practices with structured plans and drills

  • Communicating with your team

  • Training players to withstand the physical and mental challenges of the game

  • Developing a mentoring relationship with individual players

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