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Transparent OBO FaceOff Mask

Transparent OBO FaceOff Mask
The OBO FaceOff has been developed specifically for the short corner phase of field hockey and is not intended for full game usage!
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In response to the popularity of the colored OBO FaceOff short corner masks, OBO has developed a Transparent FaceOff. The OBO FaceOff has been developed specifically for the short corner phase of field hockey and is not intended for full game usage. It is designed to reduce cuts, abrasions and bruising. It has not been designed to completely protect the face or head from impact or injury, and makes no specific protection claims.


  • High density polyethylene foam goggles reduce frontal and side impacts over key areas; the bridge of the nose, eye sockets and cheek bones.

  • Medium density polyethylene foam inner provides comfort and aids protection of key areas; forehead, cheek bones, temples and chin.

  • Triple air vents balance the need for protection, speech, ventilation and oxygen.

  • Anatomically shaped eye sockets designed to maximize vision while still providing excellent protection

  • Wide and comfortable elastic strapping, easy to pop on and off but strong enough to securely hold the FaceOff on your head. Adjust the 3 straps so that the FaceOff sits firmly on your face without being too tight.

  • Rigid yet light polyethylene shell is unbreakable (Total shell weight is 150 grams).

  • To maximize your vision, the top of the eye holes should align with your eyebrows.

This product is eligible for FREE SHIPPING. Please do not crush your FaceOff at the bottom of your gear bag.

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