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Cardiosport Fusion 30 Heart Rate Monitor

Cardiosport Fusion 30 Heart Rate Monitor
Digitally Coded Cardiosport Fusion 30 Heart Rate Monitor.
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The Cardiosport Fusion 30 Heart Rate Monitor uses a low frequency digital transmission system with improved signal and coding to allow exercise in close proximity to other monitors without any interference. This monitor has a 10-hour stopwatch with a countdown (interval) timer, including single and repeat modes. A step up from the Fusion 20, the Fusion 30 features a personalized calorie counter based on your exercise intensity, age, and weight. There is also a time-in-zone display where your heart controls an additional stopwatch so you can track exercise time at a target level. The monitor features a large, clear LCD screen with two rows of information -- a zone indicator to show exercise heart rate and a exercise time.


  • Digitally Coded

  • Time of Day

  • Calendar

  • Daily Alarm

  • Hi and Low Target Zone Alarms

  • Visual and Audible Alarms

  • 10 Hour Stopwatch

  • 10 Hour Single and Repeat Countdown Timer

  • Time in Zone Timer

  • Automatic Heart Rate Recovery

  • Personalized Calorie Counter

  • Scan Showing Maximum, Average and Minimum Heart Rate

  • User Changeable Battery

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