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Fitness for Life Wellness DVD

Fitness for Life Wellness DVD
Prepared by Charles B. Corbin.
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Chuck Corbin’s Fitness for Life DVDs allow teachers to vary their instruction technique and illustrate the key concepts, activities, and assessments featured in the Fitness for Life text. These engaging videos provide virtually self-contained lesson plans that will motivate as well as instruct. Your students will learn to practice goal setting; think critically about health-related fitness; and become responsible for their own activity, fitness, and health.

The Wellness package includes five 30-minute video segments:

  • Introduction to Wellness

  • Nutrition

  • Stress Management

  • The Activity Pyramid

  • Planning Healthy Lifestyles
The videos spell out exactly why each aspect of wellness is important, illustrate key points from the corresponding content within the Fitness for Life text, and identify activities and assessments that reinforce student learning.

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