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Football Offenses & Plays

Football Offenses & Plays
Prepared by American Football Coaches Association. 248 Pages.
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Football Offenses & Plays presents all of the popular offensive systems used today as well as tactical advice for play calling in each of four areas of the field. It features insights from many of the game’s top offensive minds, who have conceived, or are extremely successful in employing, a specific means of attack:

  • Discover the strengths of the I-Formation from Al Borges and the use of the H-back from Joe Novak.

  • Maximize the use of one-back sets using two, three, or four receivers with the help of Glen Mason, Joe Tiller, and Gregg Brandon.

  • Make the shotgun a real weapon with the insights of Randy Walker and Rich Rodriguez.

  • Learn how to use four receivers from shotgun formations from Rich Rodriguez.

  • Trace the development of running attacks, including the veer with Bill Yeoman, the wing-T with Tubby Raymond, and flexbone with Fisher DeBerry.

  • Execute soundly in the yellow zone, green zone, red zone, and gold zone with guidance from Dennis Franchione, Ralph Friedgen, Larry Kehres, and Terry Malone.

  • Employ the best strategies for two-minute and no-huddle situations with advice from Gary Tranquill.

  • Help your quarterback make effective play calls at the line of scrimmage with the audible system presented by Don Nehlen.

Developed by the American Football Coaches Association, Football Offenses & Plays is the most detailed and comprehensive book on offensive tactics ever published. Make it part of your game plan this season and see your side of the scoreboard light up!

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