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Football Passing Machine

Football Passing Machine
The JUGS Football Passing Machine can help you in these 5 areas: Running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, punt and kick-off return specialists need constant practice catching the football.
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The Jugs Football Passing Machine throw up to 600 kicks or passes in an hour. Can throw spirals or end-over-end. Throws up to 100 yard spirals. The Football Passing Machine is great for special teams. Used by every N.F.L. team, most colleges and universities, and over 3,000 high schools, the Jugs Football Passing Machine is easy to use and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

  • Recommended Age.....Youth - Adult
  • Throwing Distance.....5 yds. - 80 yds.
  • Guarantee.....5 Years
  • Speed Adjustments.....Dial Setting
  • Power Source.....110 volt AC or 1000 watt generator
  • Motor.....(1) 1/4 horsepower, 3 amp
  • 360 Degrees Swivel.....Yes
  • Passes (Spiral)......Yes
  • Kick-Offs......Yes
  • Punts.......Yes
  • Pitching Machine Cover.....Sold Separately
  • Generally Used By......Youth Leagues, High School, College and Professional Teams

With JUGS® Football Passing Machine, the players catch more passes and kicks in a week than they normally would in an entire season. Defensive backs and linebackers can be given practice on a variety of reaction and zone coverage drills in a short period of time without having to take your best quarterback away from where you really need him to be, with the offensive unit. A substitute player, or even the team manager, can operate JUGS® Football Passing Machine, thus freeing your coaching staff, quarterbacks and punters. On punt and kick-off return team drills, you do not waste any time with JUGS® Football Passing Machine doing the kicking. High lofting kicks go exactly where you want them to, so your players learn their assignments fast. Simply put JUGS® Football Passing Machine on short legs and your punter and fieldgoal kicker can get hours of perfect snaps. (Short legs sold separately.) Use JUGS® Football Passing Machine for more effective and more enjoyable conditioning drills. All players get plenty of sprinting in while chasing down perfectly thrown passes from JUGS® Football Passing Machine. With JUGS® Football Passing Machine, you can toss the ball just beyond the reach of your players. With the incentive to catch the football, your players will always give that extra effort.

5 years warranty.

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