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Overspeed Skating Drills (DVD)

Overspeed Skating Drills (DVD)
Enhance game speed execution!
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Mark Carlson, the USHL's Coach of the Year in 2004-05, believes that training at an overspeed pace can greatly enhance actual game speed skill execution and in this hockey DVD shares 12 overspeed training drills. Coach Carlson first addresses the topic of overspeed drills on the ice and how they can help the level of performance and defines "overspeed" as executing hockey skills at a quicker pace than normal. Common in all of Carlson's 12 overspeed drills are moving feet, repetition, recovery time and elevated comfort zone. Shadow 1-on-1 is the first drill and challenges one player to mirror the quick turns and moves of his teammate. An advanced drill is the Figure 8 Neutral Zone and ends with a shot on goal. The Half and Full Peanut Drill teaches players to make tight and quick turns. Other drills featured include the Circle, S, Blue/Red Crossover, Dot, 2-0, 3-0 and Forward drills - all challenge players to perform beyond their normal capacity. Each drill is diagrammed and explained by Carlson then shown live on the ice.

  • Enhance game speed execution

  • Learn drills to train faster play

  • Speed up your team's tempo

46 minutes. 2008.

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