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Shooting and Passing: Techniques and Strategies (DVD)

Shooting and Passing: Techniques and Strategies (DVD)
Improve your passing and receiving skills!
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with Pat Duggan, St. Louis AAA Amateur Blues Head Coach!

In the first part of this three part hockey DVD, Stationary Shots, Pat Duggan teaches, coaches, and demonstrates eight different shots from a stationary position on the ice including: wrist, snap, pull-in snap, slap, pass shot, flip shot, backhand and backhand chip. Coach Duggan breaks down each shot into proper body position, hand position on the stick, the shot and follow-through along with strategies on targeting and shot situations. In Part 2, Moving Shots, Duggan repeats his strategic and technical instruction while moving on the ice. The moving shots are: wrist, snap, pull-in snap, slap shot, one time, and backhand. Duggan's personal demonstrations are followed by demonstrations from varied age demonstrators. In Part 3, Passes, Duggan continues his technical and strategic instruction including pass receive strategies and presents the following passes; forehand, saucer, backhand, drop and bump pass off the board. In Part 4, Drills, Duggan runs his demonstrators through four hockey drills that incorporate shooting and passing.

Improve your passing and receiving skills

  • A complete guide to shooting
  • See drills that incorporate passing and shooting

  • 30 minutes.2005.

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