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Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Physical Education-2nd Edition - Ages 5 to 12

Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Physical Education-2nd Edition - Ages 5 to 12
Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Physical Education is back and better than ever!
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Teaching the Nuts and Bolts of Physical Education is back and better than ever! This second edition offers both a book and a new CD-ROM that provide instructions on teaching 24 basic locomotor and manipulative skills, building in students a sturdy foundation for a lifetime of physical activity.

You get two significant new features with this version. First, you receive a trimmed-down, spiral-bound book that has thicker pages for durability and portability. The book’s durability makes it perfect for using in the gym or on the field to show students how to perform skills correctly. This book is both simple and thorough in its skill presentation. It contains clear, effective skill instruction, breaking skills into three to six components each, providing cues to use with each skill and 111 illustrations to clearly demonstrate skill techniques. The text also offers a troubleshooting chart for spotting and correcting common errors, and it features numerous individual, partner, and group activities to reinforce each skill. Many of these activities integrate other basic skills, thus enhancing overall skill acquisition. The book is so trimmed down because the second new feature is a CD-ROM with 312 printable pages covering all 24 skills. This CD-ROM provides full descriptions to support the field-ready printed guide. It includes

  • the entire first edition with updates;
  • expanded skills, including volleying and two-hand overhead-passing skills (abbreviated versions are also in the printed text);
  • new lesson plans, new activities, 24 troubleshooting charts, and a wealth of additional materials; and
  • the same clear illustrations found in the book.

In addition, the CD-ROM includes partner assessment sheets for children who can read as well as for nonreaders (skill drawings are included to help students recognize the quality of their partners’ skills). These sheets will help students master the components of each skill.

Pages: 64.

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