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Football's Best Offensive Playbook

Football's Best Offensive Playbook
Dwight Hawkes, 144 pages, Jan-1995.
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Football’s Best Offensive Playbook goes the extra yard, providing precisely illustrated plays that are proven point-producers in games. Many of football’s greatest coaches—including Bobby Bowden, Tom Osborne, and Steve Spurrier—have contributed their expertise to the book. Each of the 100 plays comes with a clear, accurate diagram and coaching pointers that highlight key player positions and responsibilities. Many coaches list alternate formations, and most of the plays can be adapted to any offensive system. And since the book features contributions from coaches in the high school, college, and pro ranks, you’ll find plays that work at all levels.
Football’s Best Offensive Playbook is an excellent resource for:

  • coaches looking to add to their playlists or develop new wrinkles for existing plays,

  • players attempting to better understand offensive strategy and play selection, and

  • students of the game trying to become more knowledgeable about what makes an offense click.

Strengthen your playlist with help from many of the game’s most successful coaches. Get Football’s Best Offensive Playbook.

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