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Martial Arts Mind and Body

Martial Arts Mind and Body
Claudio A Iedwab, Roxanne L Standefer, 200 pages, May-2000.
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Take performance to the next level! Martial artists have long been admired for their discipline and feats of mental and physical strength as well as the ability to shut out distraction and focus precisely on the task at hand. Martial Arts Mind & Body reveals how you can achieve excellence through mind and body training for enhanced performance and enjoyment in martial arts or any other sport. Martial Arts Mind & Body combines the best mental and physical training principles of various martial art forms. Centered on the Japanese concept of kiai, the book explains how to unite your mental, physical, and spiritual energies. As a result, you will be able to

  • sharpen concentration and awareness,

  • improve your ability to learn new skills,

  • perform better in training and competition, and

  • remain focused under stress.

Make Martial Arts Mind & Body part of your training and soon you will think, feel, and move better than ever.

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