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Becoming a Champion Lacrosse Player with Gary Gait: Stick Tricks & Dodging (DVD)

Becoming a Champion Lacrosse Player with Gary Gait: Stick Tricks & Dodging (DVD)
See all of the skills that have help Gary Gait become "greatest lacrosse player of all time"!
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In this one-of-a-kind DVD, lacrosse legend Gary Gait demonstrates the skills that has earned him the distinction of being called the "greatest lacrosse player of all time". Starting with the lacrosse stick, Gait carefully details the stick and the pocket. The basic cradle is dictated by the roll of your wrist and hand. Both the one- and two-hand cradle are demonstrated. Techniques for catching and protecting the ball are highlighted, as well as several different stick flips. Gait teaches throwing in two distinct parts; first, he concentrates on the hands and the arms away from the body. Learning to isolate the hands and arms develops control and the ability to throw in any direction, regardless of body position. When the body becomes involved, powerful shots and pinpoint passes can be made. Stick tricks include the 'behind the back' pass and the 'around the world' or 'reverse behind the back' pass. The 'handle slam' is another tricky maneuver demonstrated. Gait closes with the art of dodging.The bull, face and roll dodge are necessary dodging skills for all players and is completely broken down by Gait.

52 minutes.2007.

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