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Successfully Coaching Today's Athlete (DVD)

Successfully Coaching Today's Athlete (DVD)
See proven approaches for relating to and motivating your players!
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with Dr. Mike Voight, USC Volleyball Sport Psychology Consultant!

Are you finding your athletes to be "different" than athletes you may have coached in the past? They are. Are your frustration levels heightened by your athletes - who seem overbooked and over protected by their parents, too social, always busy on their cell phone talking or texting? Welcome to the generation of the Millennials, our post Gen-X population that is upon us. Believing that coaches can, and need, to adapt to the changing needs of today's athlete, Mike Voight provides you with techniques and strategies to help you to better connect, communicate and motivate this group of young people. Voight offers a descriptive breakdown of the characteristics of this group, along with how the implications of these characteristics relate to the athletic arena. Voight presents 10 techniques for a proactive approach of "new school coaching." In a detailed segment titled, Turning Knowledge into Action, Voight offers a "scouting report" and strategies that provides practical applications for each of the 10 techniques, which will help to reach, teach, relate and motivate you in meeting the many challenges that today's coaching presents.

  • Better understand today's athletes, i.e. "The Millennials"

  • See proven approaches for relating to and motivating your players

  • Get strategies for improved communication

67 minutes. 2009.
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