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Fit Kids Classroom Workout DVD

Fit Kids Classroom Workout DVD
Re-energize your students with these fun, contemporary dance routines!
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Re-energize your students with these fun, contemporary dance routines! The Fit Kids’ Classroom Workout can be used in any school space, anytime, any day to invigorate and motivate your students. It gets students excited about being physically active and provides an ideal break from the day’s routines. It can also be used as a warm-up to other physical activity.

The program includes four 5-minute and two 10-minute workouts, plus a brief “healthy message” at the end of each exercise segment. Each classroom workout teaches moves from a different genre:

  • Hip & Happening Kardio Funk

  • Drum Beating, Foot Stomping African

  • Shimmy, Shaking & Loving Latin

  • Heart Pounding, Arms Pumping Aerobic Dance
The two 10-minute choreographed workouts—“Getting Funky” and “Loving African” —link the moves that have been taught during the four shorter workouts, while the six healthy messages provide basic information about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Instructor Judy Notte is a certified fitness professional with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and a three-star presenter with the International Dance Exercise Association (IDEA). She is also a full-time elementary school teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia. Notte has made presentations on youth fitness and wellness at international conferences and published articles in IDEA Source, IDEA Today, and The Runner. Notte has been recognized as a Nike Fitness Athlete and as a Rick Hansen Role Model.

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