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Fast Lane Breaststroke (DVD)

Fast Lane Breaststroke (DVD)
Discover the breaststroke style that best fits your individual swimmers!
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Coach Frank Busch begins with an on-deck overview of the components of successful breaststroke before moving his instruction into the water. With demonstrator Amanda Beard, Busch shares several drills along with a full stroke review that emphasize the importance of the line and timing of the stroke. Coach Demont shares a series of seven sculling drills and variations that isolates and emphasizes each segment of the pull and concludes with drills that put the sculling segments together into a complete breaststroke pull. Augie Busch's segment isolates kicking technique with drills that focus on a swimmer's ability to "grab water" with the kick. Greg Rhodenbaugh shares timing drills designed to emphasize a flat, forward focused and fluid stroke along with instruction of the breaststroke pullout, including two variations of incorporating the dolphin kick into the pullout. This DVD provides a unique look at a realistic cross-section of demonstrators, each with different strength areas in their particular stroke, that show how the important components of the stroke can be utilized on an individual basis. After each segment, the demonstrator swims a set of 4 X 25's descending from easy to fast, giving a look at the efficiency of a variety of styles. All demonstrations include above water, underwater and slow motion footage.

  • Discover the breaststroke style that best fits your individual swimmers

  • View demonstration from Olympian Amanda Beard

  • Learn by watching a variety of successful breaststroke styles

74 minutes. 2006.

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