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Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Starts, Breakouts & Finishes (DVD)

Faster Fast Sprint Freestyle Starts, Breakouts & Finishes (DVD)
Carry maximum start speed into your breakout!
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with Richard Quick, former Auburn Head Coach, and Brett Hawke, Auburn Sprint Coach.

Coach Hawke begins building the start from the basics, with simplified deck-level diving drills that focus on hand position and lining up the body for an optimal angle of entry. On the block drills stress attaining an ideal angle of entry. Hawke shares varying hand positioning drills that assist in finding the style of dive that is best for the individual swimmer. Hawke's "full start" instruction includes a checklist of proper "take your mark" positioning and specific instruction for positioning the feet and hands. Cesar Cielo and Fred Bousquet, 2008 Olympic medalists, perform full starts while Hawke contrasts each start style. Hawke teaches effective breakout strategies and techniques that carry optimal dive speed through the breakout stroke cycle. Quick and Hawke next share Relay Exchange instruction that features demonstration of three different take-off options from simple to complex. In the Finishes segment, Quick and Hawke present technical specifics for quality finishing.

  • Carry maximum start speed into your breakout

  • Develop an optimal angle of entry with simplified start drills

  • Detailed relay starts for faster exchanges

41 minutes. 2008.

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