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Ball Control: Winning Through Attrition (DVD)

Ball Control: Winning Through Attrition (DVD)
with Geoff Carlston, Ohio State University Head Coach!
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with Geoff Carlston, Ohio State University Head Coach: former Ohio University Head Volleyball Coach, 4X Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year; 4X MAC Champions.

Geoff Carlston believes that a team possessing a dominant passing and defensive attack will wear down its opponent and, through attrition, be the last team standing! Coach Carlston feels that repetition is the key to ball control and the key to repetition is giving players the opportunity for more touches. Carlston devotes this 3-Part presentation to sharing drills and practice strategies that create multiple touch opportunities.

  • Part 1: Ball Control Basics - Five progressive ball control partner drills, an individual five-sequence ball control drill, and a free ball progression from basic to complex and ending with a competitive "short court" game.

  • Part 2: Team Passing Philosophy - Carlston shares the importance of identifying and developing the Libero. He follows with several serve receive drills that focus upon the libero and shares five additional team-passing drills designed to improve the passing skills of your entire team.

  • Part 3: Ball Control Technique - Essential technical points for effective ball control skill development.

Along with the touch opportunities, Carlston's drills also are designed to enhance a player's creativity, increase a player's volleyball IQ, present players with opportunities to make plays, require problem solving, communication and teamwork.

38 minutes. 2005.

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