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Becoming a Champion Water Polo Player: Defensive Techniques, Skills & Drills (DVD)

Becoming a Champion Water Polo Player: Defensive Techniques, Skills & Drills (DVD)
Ramp up your defensive skill set!
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with Kirk Everist, University of California, Berkeley Head Men's Coach, '06 & '07 NCAA Champions; as a player - 3x All-American, NCAA Player of the Year ('88) and 2x US Olympian, Cal Athletic Hall of Fame ('04) and USA Water Polo Hall of Fame ('04).

In Part 1: 2 Meter Defense Skills Kirk Everist begins with a skill set explanation of the 2-meter defensive position. Coach Everist feels that the 2-meter defense position is the most important to a team in that it dictates the defensive set for the frontcourt defense. Everist offers a "what you need to know" lesson for the position followed by the position job description and a thorough explanation for the base position for 2 meter defensive play. Everist next explains 2 meter skills and skill strategies followed by an in the pool demonstration of base position and basic position skills. Next, Everist details 2-meter defensive skills in a dryland walk through followed by an in-the-pool segment demonstrating nine drills for siding and fronting for 2-meter defense. In Part 2) Drive/Perimeter Defense Skills, Everist details "what you need to know," job description, and position and positioning strategies for effective Drive, Zone, and Pressure Defense. He follows with an extensive skill & drill walk through for drive, zone, and pressure defense followed by in the pool demonstrations of the skills and drills. Part 3) Water Polo Basic Movement Skills: included as a separate chapter; Coach Everist shares 8 different drills (both in and out of water) including: hand transfer drills, swimming with ball drills, vision quickness drills and wrist drill. Along with Everist's exceptional teaching, you will also benefit greatly from demonstration from Everist's players that will help you perfect your defensive play!

  • Ramp up your defensive skill set
  • Enhance your defense with strategic tips and proven skill instruction
  • Master effective drove, zone, and pressure defensive skills

51 minutes. 2008.

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