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SportsStuff Wake Yak Solo Doable

SportsStuff Wake Yak Solo Doable
Create your own new tricks and combine various moves to form the ride of your dreams with Wake Yak Solo!
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What can’t this amazing new DOABLE do? Create your own tricks with multiple spins & slaloms, or explore uncharted waters on this Wake Yak Solo unique ride. With practice you’ll learn to spin by rocking back and forth & catching the Tiger Tooth Fins in the water causing the spin cycle to begin. Perform multiple spin moves or slalom back & forth to jump the wake. This Wake Yak Solo DOABLE is packed with features you won’t find on any other “normal” towable. Old style towables use a front mounted tow point to pull the tube but Wake Yak Solo DOABLES use an innovative, centrally located VEER Tow System on bottom that allows perfect balance and control to spin, steer, and slalom. Skill Tubing has arrived so finally riders have the amazing ability to control their own ride while the boat simply drives straight. As you gain balance and the ability to maneuver you can spin yourself silly doing multiple spins from 360’s to 1080’s, you name it. Create your own new tricks and combine various moves to form the ride of your dreams.


  • Patented VEER Towing System

  • Low-Profile Unique Kayak Construction

  • Patent Pending Tiger Tooth Steering Fins

  • 7 Foot Double Ended Paddle Included

  • Heavy-Duty Full Nylon Cover with Tarpaulin Bottom

  • Patented Aluminum Quick Connect Tow Point

  • Patented Speed Safety Valve

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