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Sport Sensors KickSpeed Radar

Sport Sensors KickSpeed Radar
The new KickSpeed Radar is used with a custom Target to help soccer players develop powerful, accurate kicks!
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The KickSpeed Radar/Target represents a new approach in supplementing and reinforcing proven training methods and is being readily accepted by progressive coaches who understand the value of immediate quantitative feedback. The KSR can be positioned by the Coach as a Target for the player to shoot at. Since it is not fixed or attached to any structure, it is simply held high, low, right corner, left corner, etc., or wherever the Coach chooses to place the Target. Measure the speed of High Velocity shots with the KSR/Target behind the goal. Hold the KSR/Target about 1 to 2 feet behind the net, which will stop the shot before it reaches the KSR/Target. Align the KSR/Target with the approaching shot for accurate velocity measurement.


  • The Accuracy of the kick on or near the Target is obvious.
  • The KSR neasures the Speed of the kick, so the player's ability to hit the Target, with Power, can be quantitatively measured. A player who can hit the Target, or near it, with power will obviously have a better chance of scoring than an equally accurate player with less power. Since the KSR is physically moved to "catch" the on-coming ball, it will be aligned to provide an accurate Speed reading of the ball.
  • Immediate feedback reinforces the Coach's instructions.
  • Quantifying the ball Speed, as well as observing kick Accuracy, provides the Coach and players a basis to measure actual improvement.
  • Players enjoy the competition of improving their accuracy and power (ball Speed). The Coach can establish improvement goals for each player.
  • Players can practice at home with a parent or other partner.
  • All have FUN using the KSR/Target!!

The KickSpeed Radar uses proven Doppler radar technology, and is attached to the back of a large vinyl-covered foam rubber Target. The KSR "sees" through the Target to measure ball speed from 12 mph to over 100 mph.

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