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Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine

Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine
Pitch for pitch, dollar for dollar, the new Jugs Small Ball Machine will prove to be the most versatile machine of its kind.
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Pitch for pitch, dollar for dollar, the new Jugs Small Ball Machine will prove to be the most versatile machine of its kind. The Jugs Small Ball Pitching Machine is made of heavy-duty steel construction with 1 year guarantee. The Small Ball Pitching Machine uses the Jugs B5130 5in polyurethane-foam "small ball". Practincing small forces hitters to focus more during practice, which translates to more confidence and success when the real games start.JUGS SMALL-BALL Pitching Machine is Generally used by Backyard Players, Youth Leagues, High Schools and Colleges


  • It throws the NEW JUGS Polyurethane-Foam 5-in./0.5-oz. SMALL-BALL.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with 1-year guarantee.

  • Adjustable legs for realistic delivery height for both baseball and softball.

  • Portable and light-weight -- weighs only 23 lbs.

  • Simulates speeds up to 75 mph.

  • Throws fastballs or overhand curves with uncanny accuracy.

  • Shoots fly balls and ground balls.

  • Manual and automatic feed: 25-ball feeder releases ball every 5 seconds.

  • Safe to use anywhere, including backyards, garages or your chosen practice field.

  • Free drill book.

  • Recommended Age...........Adult

  • Speed Range.........Simulated Speed: up to 75 mph

  • Speed Adjustments (mph).........Single Dial Setting

  • Power Source.........110 volt AC or 1000 watt gen.

  • Types of Pitches Thrown Fastballs and Curveballs

  • Weight........23 lbs.

  • 360 Degree Swivel........No

  • Option - Pitching Machine Cover..........Yes

  • Option - Rechargable Battery Pack..........Yes

  • Manual and Automatic Feed..........Yes

  • Video Demonstration Available.........Yes

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