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Swimming Faster the Auburn Way: Training and Race Strategies for Breaststroke and Butterfly

Swimming Faster the Auburn Way: Training and Race Strategies for Breaststroke and Butterfly
See proven training guides and race strategies for short axis strokes; fly and breast!
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In this seven-part instructional DVD, David Marsh begins with an overall seasonal planning segment for training all mid distance strokers. Coach Marsh breaks down the season into early season, mid-season stage one, mid-season stage two and taper. Marsh shares training methodology for each of the segments and includes test sets that he likes to use during the specific phases. Marsh also includes dryland and strength training breakdowns for each of these seasonal segments as well as breaking out how he would implement these strategies in a shorter high school season. The rest of the video features include:

  • Part 2: Breaststroke Specific Training Strategies - how breaststroke training fits into the overall seasonal plan.

  • Part 3: Breaststroke Training Toys - the variety of training equipment he utilizes with his breaststrokers.

  • Part 4: Race Strategies for Breaststroke - break down of the breaststroke races - short and long course.

  • Part 5: Butterfly Specific Training Strategies - break out of the fly-specific training as it relates to the seasonal phases.

  • Part 6: Training Toys for the Butterfly- Durden shares how a variety of devises fit into butterfly training at Auburn.

  • Part 7: Butterfly Race Strategies - Durden breaks down race specifics for both short and long course butterfly events.

    75 minutes. 2004.

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