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Winning Strategy for the 5-1 Offensive System (DVD)

Winning Strategy for the 5-1 Offensive System (DVD)
Maximize attack flexibility!
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with John Knuth, Marysville HS (MI) Head Coach; over 1,000 coaching victories, 2X National Coach of the Year; 9X State Champs (including eight in a row); 192 consecutive wins ('96-'00) is #4 most all-time nationally!.

Regardless of what offense you employ, matching it to your personnel needs to be a priority. The 5-1 offensive system is a favorite of Coach Knuth's. It puts five attackers on the floor with one setter. A key to this offense is having a setter that is a leader, setter and blocker on your team. Advantages are the consistent sets in the offense, where attackers do not have to adjust to different setters; a specialization of positions and the setter can also block. Specialized skills must be established to give this offense the edge it needs, and Knuth puts his team through these skill workouts for you. Knuth covers the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 sets. Setting the offense is a drill that creates consistency for each of the five sets. Front and back row attacks are part of this offensive package as well. Multiple drills and in-depth teaching make this a complete look at the 5-1 offense, which will allow for easy installation for you.

  • Maximize attack flexibility

  • Utilize your setter better

  • Take advantage of consistent sets that the 5-1 affords

55 minutes. 2007.
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