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Becoming a Champion: Passing and Serving (DVD)

Becoming a Champion: Passing and Serving (DVD)
Proven skill instruction for better passing and serving!
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with John Dunning, Head Coach, Head Coach Stanford University, 2004 & 2001 NCAA Champs; former University of Pacific Head Coach, 1985 & 1986 NCAA Champions.

Part 1: Passing. John Dunning breaks down what he feels are the four key elements for successful, accurate passing: Physical, Skill, Movement, and Mental. Coach Dunning teaches and takes his demonstrators through: proper starting position detailing the positioning of the feet, body, and arms and passing posture and the technique for a developing a successful passing platform. Drill progressions include: Tilt Drills, Change of Direction Drills, and individual drills a player can work on to become a Champion passer! Part 2: Serving. Dunning's approach: "Never serve easy, never serve rockets, have a good serve every play!" Dunning first details the Floater Roundhouse Serve. He first discusses the importance of injury prevention and shares detailed sequences for learning the Floater Serve (he also illustrates positioning of the feet, hands, body, and shoulder with a serving sequence of "Toss, Step to Target, and Hammer the Nail"!). Effective Wall Drills and Lane Serving Drills for developing accuracy and technique are also shown. Finally, he shares instruction and drills for a Jump Serve with a "Toss and Attack" approach.

  • Proven skill instruction for better passing and serving

  • See a complete skill breakdown for better passing

  • Master error free serving

53 minutes. 2002.

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