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Dave Shoji's Passing Techniques: Giving the Setter Options (DVD)

Dave Shoji's Passing Techniques: Giving the Setter Options (DVD)
with coaching legend Dave Shoji!
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with coaching legend Dave Shoji; 4x National Champion, 9x WAC Coach of the Year.

Every rally starts with a pass, and the best pass gives the setter several options. Volleyball coaching legend Dave Shoji explains the techniques he uses to teach his players to make the best possible pass; first, he breaks down the ready position, and then he demonstrates the proper hand position, forearm and elbow position and the proper stance to perform a simple pass. The most effective footwork for several movement patterns is explained and demonstrated with drills. Finally Shoji explains the floor responsibilities for the four-and two-man formation and the importance of communication between players to maximize the effectiveness of these formations. All techniques are explained and demonstrated in live drill settings.

  • Maximize your volleyball setter options

  • Better passing for the best setting options

  • Get detailed floor responsibilities for 2- and 4-man formations

37 minutes. 2006.
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