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Cardiosport GT 2 Heart Rate Monitor

Cardiosport GT 2 Heart Rate Monitor
Digitally Coded Cardiosport GT2 Heart Rate Monitor.
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The Cardiosport Fusion Line of Heart Rate Monitors has been specifically designed to eliminate any interference or crosstalk. These digitally coded units are popular in gyms where you are susceptible to interference from other heart rate monitors and motors from treadmills as well as ellipticals.


  • Digital and coded wireless transmission. No cross talk from other monitors

  • Colour Graphical display - visual display of exercise intensity compared to training zone

  • 100 hour chronograph, 99 laps on screen and 20 in memory with average HR for lap and HR at split

  • Five heart zones – 3 automatically set, 1 manually set plus CardioZone

  • Safe 122 kHz low frequency digital transmission system

  • Improved signal interference and coding to allow exercise in close proximity to other monitors

  • Time-in-Zone during exercise, with recall for time in, above and below the active zone

  • Heart rate with percentage of maximum heart rate displayed during exercise

  • CardioZone automatically sets a heart zone during exercise with a single button press

  • Scan function with hands-free auto-scroll feature showing :
    -Kcal calories, maximum and average heart rate for session

  • Low battery indicator

  • Blue electro luminescent screen light

  • Water resistant to 30 meters (60 feet)

  • Comes with Cardiosport G2 digitally coded heart rate transmitter

  • Two year warranty on both the G2 digital chest transmitter and the watch

  • Quick start

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