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SportsKids League Sponsorship Program (LSP)

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Search Site,Tournament,camps Online Registration: Enroll all your kids and volunteers with ease using our state-of-the-art online registration. Collect credit card payments, donations and all payments. Organize your league into divisions and teams automatically.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Easy to use Admin: Move players around with one click motions to different teams, divisions or leagues. Assign coaches, division directors and other administration.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Email: Personalized emails for division directors and the ability to email specialty groups, teams, divisions or the entire league.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Uniform Ordering: Registration includes the ability to order uniforms at a discount through our special League Sponsorship Store, including specific sizes for shirts, pants, belts, socks and hats to make running your league simple and easy.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Statistics: Keep stats or not at your option so that you can compare within your league, division or against other leagues around the country.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Online Real Time Graphics: Can't make a game? Watch it unfold on the Internet through our simple stat program that gives you a graphical display of what's going on every minute!
Search Site,Tournament,camps Equipment Ordering: Fill all your equipment needs through our password protected SportsKids League Sponsorship Superstore.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Online Fundraising: Earn money for your league or team through our easy to use online fundraising ideas and partnerships. Take advantage of your website with great partnerships, sponsorship pages and special programs.
Search Site,Tournament,camps Message Boards: Express your opinions,talk with experts in the game, post your messages and seek the information you need.
SportsKids League Division provides a platform for all your league needs. Our Youth League Sponsorship Program includes discounted uniforms and equipment, fundraising help, an affiliate program, a profession, high-quality website, online registration, schedule maker, field allocation, merchant accounts, email, coaching tips and a ton of other great stuff for the families in your community.    .    12500 Emerson Avenue    .    Parkersburg, WV  26104    .    (304) 464-4632
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